Pictured: The Burregi Family (L-R) Sam, Danny, Alice and Jaedon

Just as Sam Burregi learned the business at his father and brother’s side, Sam’s son, Dannie, learned the business growing up in and with it. Sam is in semi-retirement now, and Dannie is at the helms on a daily basis, with consulting from Sam. And it is Dannie’s son, Jaedon, who is working alongside them and learning in order to continue the family’s legacy and tradition.

Sam Burregi


Dannie Burregi

President | CEO

Alice Lathrop

Executive Office Manager

Jaedon Burregi

Executive Director of Sales and Marketing | Owner

Brenda Gisclair

Merchandising Manager

Teala Pitre

Store Manager

Melissa Clark

Deli/Bakery Manager

Kevin Doucet

Meat Manager

Robin Guidroz

Produce/Floral Manager